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Two Chefs Eating Place

In  the heart of Singapore’s vibrant food scene, Two Chef Eating Place is a gastronomic haven that beckons all food enthusiasts. With a menu curated by two masterful chefs, this restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience that fuses innovation and tradition.

two chefs eating place
Two Chef Eating place Crab

Deep Fried Prawns

Deep Fried Prawns​ are a Singaporean delicacy, featuring succulent prawns coated in a crispy, golden batter, infused with aromatic spices, and served with a zesty dipping sauce.

Two Chef Eating place Crab

Fried Sliced Fish

Two Chef Eating Place in Singapore offers a delectable experience with their signature dish, Fried Sliced Fish—a mouthwatering culinary delight showcasing culinary expertise.



Indulge in the rich flavors of Pork & Beef delights at Two Chef Eating Place in Singapore, where every bite is a savory symphony.


Savor the exquisite flavors of Singapore’s finest crab dishes at Two Chef Eating Place, where succulent crab creations redefine seafood dining.

Two Chef seating place food

Savoring Seafood at Two Chef Eating Place

Nestled in the heart of Singapore, Two Chef’s Eating Place Seafood is a culinary haven for seafood enthusiasts. With a commitment to delivering the freshest catches of the sea, this restaurant offers a tantalizing seafood menu that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight. From succulent prawns to flaky fish and delectable crab, Two Chef’s Eating Place Seafood is where oceanic flavors come to life on your plate.

Two Chef’s Eating Place in Singapore, two skilled chefs artfully create dishes that embody the essence of Singaporean cuisine, all showcased on our diverse menu. With their culinary artistry, they transform local ingredients into exquisite creations, inviting diners to savor the authentic flavors of this vibrant city. From traditional favorites to innovative culinary surprises, Two Chef’s Eating Place offers a diverse menu that caters to every palate. With each visit to Two Chef’s Eating Place, you embark on a flavorful journey that captures the essence of Singapore’s culinary heritage, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

What Customer Says about Two Chefs Eating Place?

Two Chefs Eating Place
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Joshua Goh Min RuiJoshua Goh Min Rui
12:13 17 May 24
Best dining experience so far! Good food and friendly staff 🙂 highly recommend 👍🏻👍🏻
10:29 12 May 24
Too much MSG in the food. It was better before.Service sucks! Rude staff and chaotic with orders. Waited for an hour for only 5 simple dishes.Will not go back to them ever again. Quality and services had deteriorated greatly.
Joelle SoeJoelle Soe
08:49 05 May 24
$44 for 4 dishes - where can you get such affordable food nowadays??!! They do not charge GST and Service charge so its a plus point to visit here.Please remember to bring cash here because they strictly DO NOT accept cash but interestingly accept CDC vouchers.
Jolin JingyiJolin Jingyi
11:25 29 Apr 24
Aik Keong OngAik Keong Ong
12:46 28 Apr 24
Crispy chicken wings and veggie, tofu is soft. Price is ok. Will come back again.
lee cheonglee cheong
05:18 21 Mar 24
Parking easy. Paid parking. Order easy. Not many customers during our visit. Veg soup is nice. Salt egg prawn good chicken normal. Something different and I recommend it. Milk powder pork.Try it. Milk powder adds sweetness to the dish. Place only with fans. Can get warm.
Tuck Wai BoeyTuck Wai Boey
13:52 08 Mar 24
Very nice food. Must try drunk cockles and butter pork ribs
Jasper TengJasper Teng
12:03 07 Mar 24
Used to like this place. Came on 12 jan 2024. Quality dropped. Quantity for medium tofu is pathetic, even the staff said its small, then switch to say its medium last minute.No wonder the crowd so little. Avoid if you are expecting the same experience as before.
Lynn OoiLynn Ooi
12:13 03 Mar 24
We came here to try after reading the not so bad reviews of this place.The service here is appalling. Firstly, they are more interested in serving bigger groups and allocating tables not in order of arrivals.The worst was the order taking - they tried to be efficient by taking orders from multiple tables rather than making sure the one that order first gets delivered to the kitchen.And then comes the mix up with the order because the aunty can’t manage the two table orders they took. This resulted in the soup of the day - old cucumber that we ordered being sold out and they tried replacing it with their random pork with corn that looks like drain water. Even have the cheek to say it’s ok if we don’t want it - you sure bet we won’t!The “famous” snow pork ribs was not what it seems to be. The stir fry ginger veal and vege dish was acceptable.Conclusion - once and done! Never coming back here ever again!
Vstrommer LimVstrommer Lim
00:35 03 Mar 24
Lynn TanLynn Tan
11:12 02 Mar 24
Love the Milk powder pork but if u tabao the ingredients very little
Hungry BuiBuiHungry BuiBui
15:06 01 Mar 24
Overall food was pretty good at reasonable price but service can be very much improved.. The cockles are a great appetiser to start off, they can be fresher but still tasty. Fish was fresh and reasonably priced, herbal chicken was clean tasting but flavourful and meat extremely tender as well. The other dishes were also delicious. Service is quite lacking as the whole place is in chaos and u must catch hold of a staff to order before they arrange a seat for u. Despite this, still understandable since place was very crowded, worth to return again in future.
caleb tancaleb tan
12:05 27 Feb 24
Went there for dinner on 24.2.23 with a group of friends. The food was a real disappointment. Ordered their curry fish head. The fish head was not fresh at all. The meat had a very fish taste. We also ordered the sharks fin soup which was also a disappointment. There was hardly any sharks fin in it. A lot of shouting going on. It will be the last time I am dining there
Kazuma LeeKazuma Lee
06:46 25 Feb 24
Food is soso. Same as any other good tze char places. Fish head curry and fish ain't fresh at all.Service is bad. They are too proud of themselves as if they serve the best food.Too crowded, staff shouting all over. Hot. Very squezy.Dont contribute to the hype and don't visit them please.
Vincent KohVincent Koh
16:12 23 Feb 24
Eiji OgataEiji Ogata
13:16 23 Feb 24
$29 for 2 adult. Ordered fish hor fan, French bean and butter pork. It's tasty and reasonal price. I first experience to eat butter pork which is unexpected taste and cooking. Must try it.
Radiana SohRadiana Soh
12:41 23 Feb 24
The food taste great ! Love the butter pork ribs !
Jinyung WongJinyung Wong
16:44 22 Feb 24
Food was affordable and good zichar option. Herbal chicken very good.
10:37 19 Feb 24
Great food, quick service. The herbal chicken soup is a highlight, so good that we finished it before we managed to take a snap!
11:25 05 Feb 24
We were the first to arrive. Cockles were served first, overcooked and the marinate was just mediocre. Dishes served were not hot. Evident from the lack of steam especially so for a claypot dish. Sauces were weak in the flavour department. Feedback was not taken seriously. Will not return.
Edwin SEdwin S
02:17 05 Feb 24
Recently went back for a lunch, and the food was still as good.I tried several dishes, which include:1. San lou hor fun - The hor fun has some wok hei to it. The gravy is very well seasoned, with plenty of bean sprouts, fish slices, and garlic bits.2. Butter pork ribs - The pork ribs is very tender although it is deep fried. The milk powder on top of it gives it a sweet flavor.3. Long beans with dried shrimp (he bie) - The long beans still had that bite/snap. It is fragrant with the generous topping of the he bie.4. Tofu and enoki mushroom - The soft tofu is served on a enoki mushroom and minced meat gravy. The gravy itself is very flavorful and pairs well with some rice.5. Prawn paste chicken - The chicken mid-wing is quite well marinated. It is deep fried until crispy, but the meat is still moist and juicy.6. Prawns with Mayonnaise - The prawns are quite big and crunchy. It is served with mayonnaise and some floss.7. Trio Eggs Spinach - The spinach is cooked to a good doneness -- not too mushy. The gravy itself is quite flavorful.Their portions are generally quite good -- their small would be good for 2-3 people (depending on appetite).
Kenny OuyangKenny Ouyang
11:58 04 Feb 24
Very poor service. Service staff are rude and cannot be bothered to take order.You can get better tze char at a lower price point and much better service.
raymond lamraymond lam
12:47 03 Feb 24
Food is decent, but place a bit noisy.. phone keeps ringing all night and no one answers it.
Paul KennyPaul Kenny
16:40 31 Jan 24
Famous for butter pork ribs but honestly, it's all good.
arvelia ongarvelia ong
10:05 27 Jan 24
Was a regular patron before and it was good in the past. Decent price for good food.But now, so disappointed with the portion. The garlic cockles only 12 pcs for around $6. Even the portion for the other food aee getting smaller too.So disappointing. Sadly to say, most probably the last time will be here.
Love their food, especially the butter pork ribs, which are covered with milk powder!
Tan Lay HongTan Lay Hong
08:26 23 Jan 24
Quite a decent coffee shop to eat Zhi kar. Food is nice and reasonably priced.
Keng Cheong TanKeng Cheong Tan
15:52 22 Jan 24
Butter pork ribs are to die for. Other than that, not a bad Zi Char with good wok hey
T greensakeT greensake
00:06 22 Jan 24
Had dinner on 16/11/23, food was ok.
Eddie TanEddie Tan
14:21 19 Jan 24
LP PuaLP Pua
06:06 19 Jan 24
For 4 people, we ordered 4 dishes with 4 portions of rice, and the total was $45. It's an affordable price with average food—nothing to complain about nor to compliment. Overall, it offers value for money.
Kee Ann ChngKee Ann Chng
11:05 15 Jan 24
Love the food. Reasonably priced and delicious!
05:12 15 Jan 24
affordable price but i'm not sure if i'll visit again next time
dogcom sgdogcom sg
05:42 11 Jan 24
Went there twice this month, once with group of regular makan kakis and then family. As always a pleasant dinner experience here. Food is always top notch and value for money. Can't do without their house special Milk Powder Pork Rib. I highly recommend the Fried Sweet Yam wedges, Fried Enoki Mushroom Beancurd, Prawn Ball with meat floss. Sambal Kangkong is popular (except I can't take too spicy), Nice blend Curry fish head is always fresh and a good portion. Since I can't take spicy I usually opt for the "Spinach with 3 types of Egg in superior broth" or Stir Fried Sweet potato leaves. Venison Spring Onion and Heh Chor (Prawn Roll) are also some of our favorites.It's usually very packed, especially on weekends but service is fast so the waiting is usually not too bad.
Carissa TeoCarissa Teo
13:48 30 Dec 23
Sjukun Ir.Sjukun Ir.
13:47 29 Dec 23
11:57 24 Dec 23
I have been coming here for a while and they don't seem to have raised their prices yet. Portion sizes are still reasonable (don't order broccoli), so come and enjoy the prices before they go up!
En Lerk LawEn Lerk Law
14:00 21 Dec 23
13:45 12 Dec 23
First visit after reading good review, but family deeply disappointed with the food quality and the poor service from the elderly service staff and drinks lady. Ordered hk Kai lan, claypot chicken, omelette, tofu with minced pork, honey pork ribs for 4 diners. Price - reasonable.Kai lan - above average. probably best dishClaypot chicken- very poor. Pre cooked and Thickly coated with flour, conveniently served in claypot.Honey pork ribs- average. Nothing specialOmelette- came with scrimp though we did not order the scrimp omelette. When we attempted to clarify, elderly lady staff responded that all Zhi char stalls in Singapore cook it in such manner. One of our diner is allergic to shrimp/prawns. The menu has both omelette and scrimp omelette. We ordered the former.Tofu- minced served with tofu tasted very porkyDrinks- enquired about drinks options, but drinks lady said she could only speak mandarin. We conversed with other staff in Cantonese .
Khoo Teck HuatKhoo Teck Huat
12:47 10 Dec 23
Kelvin LimKelvin Lim
00:46 09 Dec 23
Food here is 7/10. Traditional zi char stall in a old coffeeshop. Prices are reasonable.
Kendrick Huang JJKendrick Huang JJ
08:17 06 Dec 23
Food was good overall, just that they served warm ribs. Thought it was cook to order. Probably just lazy but its okay!Price; reasonableService: soso! But can improve laAtmosphere: pretty chill! I see those entitled people commenting hot, if hot then go restaurant eat 😂 joke.
Jon SongJon Song
15:03 27 Nov 23
Pretty decent food that is at an acceptable price point but in general the service is just unacceptable....What's wrong with the service?- we checked with them if they accepted paynow or any form of qr payment to which the staff replied an astounding NO- next, there unfortunately isn't any ATM nearby. The nearest one was a good 10 minute walk away.- when my friend was already on the way there, suddenly the lady seemingly accepted paynow from the table beside us which faced the same problem. To which the staff commented, paynow is accepted but not recommended...........Food here was decently priced, but small portions.1. Milk pork ribs were decently tasty and soft2. Curry fish head was not too bad
08:13 27 Nov 23
2pax dinner on 26.11.2023$6 cockles below expectations ..tiny cockles not raw & poached longer I supposed safer..not blood cockles la..the garlic chilli soy sauce marinade is competent good$10 排骨王poor, tough hard & too sweet..the look says all..hk street much better tender & tasty$8 三捞河粉 wet so not much wokhae..still it was tasty so better than my low expectationsoverall below par no shiok feeling
Samuel NgSamuel Ng
01:24 25 Nov 23
My regular eating place in a HDB estate that won’t blow a hole in a pocket even with a group of friends.. what’s amazing is the accessibility by electric scooter all the way to Commonwealth MRT through a system of ramps that probably looks like a bridge in some places
Jane AngJane Ang
06:57 18 Nov 23
Joseph KimJoseph Kim
13:41 14 Nov 23
16:06 10 Nov 23
Milk powder scattered on the pork ribs, overly sweet and not savoury.
sui generissui generis
14:06 10 Nov 23
Terry SoomcTerry Soomc
00:37 09 Nov 23
This place is famous for small bites . The fried noodles and the chicken wings are popular with customers.
07:03 05 Nov 23
Used to be one of my fav place, not anymore. Haven’t visited since 2018-2019 and the portions have shrunk considerably. $47 for 3 dishes. Instead of them bringing the menu over after we were seated, I had to take the menu myself and approach the staff to order. The aunty server that took my order was rude AF and raised her voice at me when I didn’t get her question the first time.
hyungsu cheonghyungsu cheong
06:32 05 Nov 23
13:46 01 Nov 23
A very special dish, I recommend you try it!
KC HengKC Heng
11:25 01 Nov 23
Everything is good!!! + it’s cheapSix ‘small’ dishes + three rice = $64
Johnson NgJohnson Ng
06:52 31 Oct 23
00:33 29 Oct 23
One of the famous chir char in singapore.Located the the hdb coffee shop.Must try their signature dish milk butter pork ribs. 😋There is plenty of parking for now as the renovation of the hawker is ongoing.
nigel gohnigel goh
16:17 28 Oct 23
Food: food tasted good although portions are a little on the small sideService: Horrible service. Rude service staff that got angry when we took a couple of seconds to decide on our order.They also did not serve the white rice even when all other dishes were served. There was a service staff just standing outside the kitchen for more than 20 minutes who did not bother to simply scoop the rice out for us until we physically went to remind her.Absolutely appalling service.Atmosphere: With the rude and inattentive service staff, and the hot outdoor environment, the atmosphere of the restaurant was extremely poor considering the price range charged for the food. Disappointing.
Robin AGPCRobin AGPC
11:18 25 Oct 23
Tan CalebTan Caleb
08:04 24 Oct 23
Food was delicious and sumptuousEspecially the milk powder pork ribs and flavoured onesDelicious and also friendly staff too
Peter YapPeter Yap
14:50 23 Oct 23
Sharyn Lim Pei HwernSharyn Lim Pei Hwern
00:51 23 Oct 23
Foong Yee LauFoong Yee Lau
14:00 19 Oct 23
The cereal prawn and fish hor fun tasted good. Sweet and sour pork has more flour than pork. Elderly service staff was grumpy. Although there were empty tables they squeezed 5 of us at a table meant for 4 persons and was unhappy when we requested for bigger table. Prices reasonable.
Eliza NgEliza Ng
09:28 02 Oct 23
11:26 01 Oct 23
Food is great but eating is an experience. Brought kids but they didn’t allow us to be seated until everyone has arrived. I had to tell them I can order immediately before they allowed. After ordering instead of suggesting we order more, said in a very rude tone that extra orders will not be IMMEDIATE. When paying insisted I have to pay cash despite a PayLah option behind. Said they cannot verify if payment has been made using PayLah. What? So if you didn’t bring cash prepare to clean the shop and wash the dishes.
Hiok Meng SinHiok Meng Sin
14:44 30 Sep 23
Lily ChuaLily Chua
09:44 30 Sep 23
Service is terrible! Staff threw the menu on the table and this dish in the picture was supposedly “Claypot Fish Head” when all we saw were fish slices lol. When asked what dish it was, she pointed rudely to the fish pieces and stated they were “fish head”! Staff were very rude! Not recommended!
Long CKLong CK
09:09 26 Sep 23
02:42 26 Sep 23
Sam and Esther LawSam and Esther Law
01:21 26 Sep 23
Food was tasty, ingredients fresh, not too oily or salty. Enjoyed it very much!
Elliot RobertElliot Robert
12:00 25 Sep 23
Leroy LeongLeroy Leong
11:52 24 Sep 23
Terrible service, Waiters did not care for customers kept shouting and eye rolls
Tan Wei QuanTan Wei Quan
00:27 23 Sep 23
3rd time eating two chefs. A very popular Tze Char place. Famous for it's milk powder pork ribs.Ordered milk powder pork ribs, san lor hor fun as well as hot plate tofu. 3 small dishes are enough for 2 people. Drinks can be ordered from a different vendor inside the shop.Went around 615pm on a Saturday and it was already packed. Do find a seat before ordering - all the people standing around are just collecting takeaways normally.
Steve HSteve H
15:08 22 Sep 23
Waited 30 mins for takeaway pizza and they hadn't even started cooking it yet
Tekko KohTekko Koh
10:07 19 Sep 23
Good food at reasonable price
Lim Chwee EngLim Chwee Eng
04:58 17 Sep 23
I love their furong egg and all the other dishes. The price is also reasonable.
14:36 15 Sep 23
Standard has really dropped. Pork is so dry and stringy seems it was refried 🙁
04:45 14 Sep 23
Tom TomTom Tom
13:28 09 Sep 23
Very good food. But alittle heaty from the MSG. Remember to order drinks from the next stall.
lp Leonglp Leong
11:02 09 Sep 23
Coffee pork ribs is a bit sweet but I like it. Golden enoki mushroom is normal. Nai bai is a bit wet. I would not order the prawn paste chicken again. Oil used is a bit old and a bit overcooked.
Ryan BettensRyan Bettens
10:47 09 Sep 23
aung htet myataung htet myat
04:56 09 Sep 23
shao chun shenshao chun shen
10:38 05 Sep 23
Ok price for the ok foodJust some ppl will anyhow smoking these..
Bok OngBok Ong
15:43 04 Sep 23
Jacob OngJacob Ong
10:48 25 Aug 23
Benjamin ChoyBenjamin Choy
09:07 23 Aug 23
Glen ChooGlen Choo
09:41 22 Aug 23
Basic ole school no frills set up, the star is the plethora of good food blessed by wok hei. Great for family or friend gatherings with wallet friendly prices.
Stanley NgStanley Ng
03:13 21 Aug 23
This is quite a popular eating place. Some days there will be a long queue. However, we got a table immediately this Sunday and had our regular butter pork ribs. We also ordered three egg spinach, seafood tofu and garlic cockles. Together with 4 bowls of rice for $56.
12:59 16 Apr 23
Have not visit this place after pandemic. They have lots of varieties of Tze Char on the menu. Orders garlic see hum (claim), Wat Tan Hor, Kai Lan Gu Lou Yok (sweet sour pork). Serving was fast maybe it has y the dinner time. Food were good after we decided to add on Salted Fish Fried Rice. When I asked if they have served wrongly? They told me it is like that. Practically, this is fried rice and sprinkle on salted fish? Felt cheated. I would ordering this dish if I have a chance to order again.
YP SooYP Soo
11:48 21 Mar 23
Haven’t eaten here since Covid and was near by therefore decided to dine there. There was available table at 8pm without having to queue.Food standard has dropped IMO. Loved their cockles before, however the sauce is watered down now. Their famous butter pork ribs (milk powder) was still good. The other dishes were acceptable.Prices are reasonable.
Amy LeongAmy Leong
06:08 15 Mar 23
Their drunken cockles are SOOOO GOOODDDD. The sweet sour pork is one of the few better versions in town. The dishes are tasty and cooked really fast. We didn't need to wait long at all. Plus you can BYO drinks here.
Winston WongWinston Wong
09:45 01 Jan 23
Popular and busy venue, with an extensive menu of zi char items, most of which come in 3 size options to suit a range of group numbers.Overall quite happy with the food we had, and despite the crowd our items came out within about 15-20 minutes which was pretty reasonable. We ordered 4 items, 3 medium and 1 small, and paid $62 for 4 people. Would be happy to return.
Two Chefs Eating Place
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13:21 31 May 24
Delicious and served quickly👍Highly recommended👍
Galvin GohGalvin Goh
04:15 27 May 24
Must eat are the fish curry and marinated cockles.
The Singapore SÿędsThe Singapore Sÿęds
12:32 26 May 24
Had the Asam fish curry and the Seafood fried rice as well as the garlic and onion fish. All were fantastic, love the asam fish curry it was just the right amount of spice coupled with tang.Shall definitely eat here again.
Patricia MokPatricia Mok
09:46 13 May 24
Affordable prices!Ordered the steamed 青衣鱼…. V fresh!!Must order :- Butter Pork Ribs, stirred fry yam, homemade bean curd
Dion HooDion Hoo
12:58 11 May 24
Booked a reservation at 7.30pm for my family of 8 with my sister in law who is pregnant and also a 2 year old girl.. But when we reach, we still have to queue to get our seats and our reservation is ignored. We made our food orders while queuing.When we finally get a seat at 8pm, we had to wait for our another hour until our food arrives at 9pm. All these while other tables who were in the queue after us got their food first..This is totally unacceptable.
Suzanna NgSuzanna Ng
14:01 20 Mar 24
Love eating there. Food is delicious and pricing affordable. Many wonderful dishes that i will order (eg XO sanlao hor fan, milk powder pork chop, dry shirmps with long beans and prawn balls).Service is fast though it is crowded during the weekends.Highly recommended zichar place
Justin TanJustin Tan
20:44 18 Mar 24
09:31 16 Mar 24
This restaurant has been at Sin Ming for a long time, and I've lived in this neighbourhood since 2014, a good 10 years! So I believe my review holds some weight.The last 10 years, we've patronised Two Chefs many times, both before and after they moved to their current Sin Ming location.We've enjoyed their food in the beginning, it was definitely better than most average Tze Char.However, since we moved back to SG mid-last year, we've noticed that the portion is unbelievably small, and unjustifiably so for the location or the quality of its food.The food is alright... most dishes are ok, some are better than average (e.g., butter pork chop).And the location and service isn't anything more exceptional than a normal coffee shop tze char.So, the portion should not be so tiny!!I hosted a group of 10 last night, ordering ALL LARGE portions of 3 carbs, and 5 protein/veg dishes.When I collected them, I was surprised by how light the 2 plastic bags of boxes felt in my hands. Upon returning home, I opened the boxes and was SHOCKED by how small the portions were. So were my guests!The long beans dish (large) cost me $18, and I swear there wasn't more than 40 strands of the 8-10cm long long beans in there! Each strand would then be about 40 to 50 cents each!! Remember, this is NOT a protein dish. And this is NOT a Japanese or Korean or Chinese restaurant... this is a coffee shop tze char!The large carbs came in sizes that honestly seem more like a medium. We ordered a small one some time back and it was barely sufficient for my 5 year old son.The food isn't horrible but the ETHICS IN PRICING IS WAY OFF. The prices on the online menu has been adjusted upwards in recent years (large carbs were increased from $12 to $15).BUT many of these new prices are already OUTDATED and UNDERSTATED by at least $3-$4. For instances, the large Oat Prawns is $28 now from the adjusted price of $25, a good 12% more than the recently increased price! I only knew that after I checked item by item with the lady who took my orders.My wife told me today that we should never return. There are tze char making similar quality dishes without the unbelievably high prices that took advantage of recent inflation to make 30%-50% more.If you have deep pockets, by all means, go visit them. But if you ask me, I'd rather spend the same amount somewhere else.
07:23 13 Mar 24
Food quantity small. A bit expensive for not aircon food.
Winter SnowWinter Snow
06:40 12 Mar 24
Lina HoLina Ho
14:06 07 Mar 24
Kelvin LimKelvin Lim
14:47 01 Mar 24
Good Value Zichar Stall.
Reuben ConceicaoReuben Conceicao
00:22 27 Feb 24
Food was delicious and well-prepared. Super fast service and polite. Atmosphere is simple and very local. No aircon. Lots of fans to circulate air. No frills, but clean environment.Really enjoyed the milk powder pork, kung pow chicken, he chok and the fried rice. Will come back to try the sliced fish hor fun among other dishes. Every dish was perfectly balanced and had this traditional taste that I grew up with in the 1980s.Crazy factoid: ordered food, went to order drinks; walked back to table and fried rice and pork ribs were already there. If you want your food served fast AND tasty, this is the spot.
Javed AnsariJaved Ansari
23:00 25 Feb 24
kim leng leekim leng lee
04:42 25 Feb 24
2024 reviewRecession hit? Quality and quantity has turned so bad.Ordered 8 different dishes of large portion. Spinach with 3 different eggs, could not see and test the egg and watery. long beans with fried was not found. Prawn paste chicken no prawn paste taste, just fried chicken. Pork rib with butter are chunky butter. Not coming again2022 reviewAte in two chef commonwealth branch almost 5 years ago. Tried their branch restaurant at sin ming ave. Spacious seating without air-conditioning. Within a hdb food center with other stalls like roti prata and drink stall. Went on a sunday afternoon. No queue and crowd is like 60%. Place is clean. Ordered their butter pork rib, long beans, sambal kangkong, entoki mushrooms beancurd and honey chicken. Cockles not available. Food were served fast within 5mins. overall food taste is good, portion are sufficient for group of 5. All dishes are small except for the pork rib.If you looking for a meal without having to queue, can consider this place.
The Ox WomanThe Ox Woman
13:36 24 Feb 24
02:30 24 Feb 24
The coffee is always good. The tea is reasonable but on 23rd Feb my family went over for breakfast and the hot drinks very very bad. It was a different lady. I hope the usual lady will be around next weekend.
Trevor TanTrevor Tan
12:06 22 Feb 24
Went to 2 chef for my grandfather's birthday and ordered some zhi char dishes. Fried baby squid, san lor hor fun and signature butter ribs were all good and had wok hei, these dishes highly recommededOrdered one crab porridge but crab not fresh. When we feedback to boss, boss immediately gave us a chilli crab for free and gave a slight discount on final bill. V good service attitude 👍👍👍. Will be back in the future for both good food and service.
Pornlert WongnoyPornlert Wongnoy
09:56 21 Feb 24
Evon NgEvon Ng
13:30 19 Feb 24
The crab is terrible, not fresh and possibly dead crab !
TingTing NgTingTing Ng
13:43 18 Feb 24
The fish is very fresh, chicken herbal soup is very nice, XO hor fun is good, and the fried prawn roll is addictive.
Joseph KimJoseph Kim
05:28 18 Feb 24
Marcus WongMarcus Wong
06:28 17 Feb 24
Thomas ChanThomas Chan
12:42 15 Feb 24
2024:CNY set lunch was so so only... Sad. But boss is nice. Reserved for 14 pax and boss said can fit into a big table. Luckily one cannot make it so end up with 13 pax. A bit squeezy even with 13. Cannot imagine how to seat 14.2022:Maybe it's take away during father's day so the food was cooked in advanced. The butter pork rib was terrible! Thought it's their specialty... Will try again when can dine in just to give it benefit of doubt.
Quek Bee GeokQuek Bee Geok
03:29 06 Feb 24
berwyn Kooberwyn Koo
11:32 05 Feb 24
overall, just been here for CNY meal, it was good, really affordable zhi char to share with people. q nice. food is actually yummy and tasty.
11:56 04 Feb 24
Delicious food. Short waiting time for food. Make reservations in advance as there is usually a crowd. 🙂
KB PhuaKB Phua
00:02 01 Feb 24
May L.May L.
06:48 30 Jan 24
Lex L.Lex L.
18:54 28 Jan 24
Kenneth KohKenneth Koh
10:28 27 Jan 24
Great and affordable food! Worth a visit especially located at a neighbourhood vicinity.
Parry LowParry Low
07:30 26 Jan 24
13:41 24 Jan 24
Good food. Small portion but it's still good food!
Tan Yong JunTan Yong Jun
07:19 23 Jan 24
Only prata and drinks & zhichar on weekday afternoon. No other stalls
Cho Sin OngCho Sin Ong
14:29 17 Jan 24
Book 2 tables of Dragon Year Reunion Dinner. Wheelchair accessible.Boss Mr Hua very friendly and patient.
Winston CWinston C
16:00 14 Jan 24
Second time eating at Two Chefs. Their standard of ZiChar is above average. I really like the Butter Pork ribs and the Deer meat.My group was small in numbers so could not order a lot. Go with a bigger group and choices will be good. Car Park is also convenient and they are located on 1st floor of a multi story car park.Do note that you have to queue and order your food before they seat you at a table. It's a system they have for the weekends.It's been a while! Came back here on 13 Jan 2024. I like it this time they allow me to make a reservation because years ago, they only allow walk-in. The bosses taking orders looks the same and the place is still packed! Food standard is still good and value for money. We spent $60 for 3 paxs but mind u we did not order any type of fish, just basic zichar. I love the place now that they allow me to reserve, will be back!
20:05 13 Jan 24
XO San Lou Hor Fun was SO SHIOK!! Can really taste the wok hei and had generous amount of fish slices. Must also order the Fried Yam omg damn well fried and coated evenly, those who love yam will definitely love it! Pork Rib was so so only.
Derek SoonDerek Soon
13:35 13 Jan 24
Recent visit the food is so so only. Portions are quite small.
13:12 13 Jan 24
A rather decent tze char with a number of unique dishes. Not amazing but not too bad as well. Portion sizes are rather small.
Ricardo SeahRicardo Seah
00:38 11 Jan 24
Great quality food I don’t think anything we had was bad. Pretty consistent as well I have to say. Would definitely recommend this place is anyone is looking to have a meal with friends and or family. And if you’re visiting Singapore it’s a good way to have a variety of local food/dishes within a Chinese seafood setting.
Jennifer LeeJennifer Lee
14:21 10 Jan 24
Visit there purely for their drunken cockles coz we visited commonwealth long time ago and miss this signature dish so much.Yet, quite shock when see it’s serve in a transparent takeaway box. Cockles are big, and price at $8 for 15pcs considered reasonable, only if the curing process can be more thoroughly. Now is like merely cockle coating with dressing.The girl who take our order told us sin chew behoon portion is very small hence we order another Hong Kong dried noodle. End up looks like those vege dish is small but those noodles are not.One thing with the setting of the coffee shop, honestly speaking we notices that it’s hard to attract service staff’s notice to take order at table by just raising up hand. its will be faster by going to the counter and make order yourself.
00:56 10 Jan 24
Highly recommended local cuisine.Had kewtyau seafood, prawns in chilly sauce and pork ribs which are to die for…Recommended.
Felix KerFelix Ker
13:01 01 Jan 24
Not my first time dining here. I’ve been eating for 10 years at the main outlet at Commonwealth.Food always consistent. Today I ordered claypot seabass. Very well flavoured.All dishes always good.My regular dishes: herbal chicken (soup), butter pork, 回香豆腐, and fried egg omelette
14:03 31 Dec 23
Ivan Tan (FireFox)Ivan Tan (FireFox)
12:17 31 Dec 23
Great food in this joint that was previously located behind the current place. They now own the entire shop and drinks! We enjoyed the zi-char there. This store closes around 10pm.
Aiden LowAiden Low
10:32 28 Dec 23
Pretty good value for money, good selection of Singapore Chinese food
phoenix chuphoenix chu
07:38 25 Dec 23
Coyoi KoyoteCoyoi Koyote
13:01 21 Dec 23
Decent tofu and prawn paste chicken, felt milk powder ribs were over hyped, meat was dry and just spammed with milk powder. Seafood soup was pathetic, had to keep digging to find the seafood in the soup.
Lesley WongLesley Wong
08:28 19 Dec 23
Cherie LimCherie Lim
07:23 19 Dec 23
Food was cheap and good! 👍🏻
04:39 15 Dec 23
Jordan LeeJordan Lee
16:54 10 Dec 23
Serving staff is polite and responsive. Food is tasty and enjoy the Hor fun got the "wok hei" taste. Portion wise just right.
Sam TanSam Tan
03:21 10 Dec 23
Nice. Prices are reasonable.
S ShS Sh
09:37 09 Dec 23
Ordered fish head curry, pork floss prawn roll (med), cockles (large) and long beans (med) cost $88. Taste ok. Price on high side
Van Fu LoongVan Fu Loong
06:34 01 Dec 23
I like the food here. Simple stuff done well.
Raymond LimRaymond Lim
00:05 25 Nov 23
I find that the food there is very good and the service is excellent.
Daniel YeoDaniel Yeo
01:53 24 Nov 23
It's been a while,The milk meat is yummy
Raymond LimRaymond Lim
23:49 23 Nov 23
Tan AlexaTan Alexa
07:12 22 Nov 23
poor service. staff are rude. we came 4:40 said 5pm can only take order . ok we waited then 4:45 she took orders from other customer! end up food is pre cooked. warm not hot- sin ming branch
Daphane YeoDaphane Yeo
00:35 22 Nov 23
Consider going on weekdays. Less crowd. Less waiting time.Food is still consistently good. Just a little disappointed with the hum, used to be first on my list. But I can't find the enjoyable I used to have while having the humThe steam fish sauce was marvelous and the fish was fresh.The highly recommended dishes would be the pork floss prawns and the milk powder pork
first time to this outlet at ang mo kio. food is tasty and highly recommend the butter pork rib, kids favorite. the samilao hor fun, shrimp paste chicken, fish ticket soup also very yummy.
Keith TanKeith Tan
14:16 19 Nov 23
This is an economical place for big groups. Table here comfortably sits 12 pax. Has big fans, keeps the place very windy and cool. Food is not bad, and price is good. Have been here twice and both times had their set with a few add ons. If in a big group, this is a place to consider.
Soong Wing TuckSoong Wing Tuck
15:09 12 Nov 23
14:20 11 Nov 23
1) Gave us fish head instead of fish tail2) Closes the light before we even finish eating3) Close the door 10 mins earlier can't even use toilet
Gillian TayGillian Tay
07:16 11 Nov 23
just normal food, nothing to shout about, the coffee pork is too sweet, the scallop wasn't cook, tasted fishy
Faith LimFaith Lim
14:15 09 Nov 23
Had lunch at the zichar outlet here for the first time last month. The service crew is attentive as the weekday lunch time crowd is small. The horfan is served hot and the portion is good for the price. As it was a rainy day when I visited, it is quite cooling to dine alfresco. Will visit the place again to try their other zichar dishes.
David TanDavid Tan
04:33 05 Nov 23
I bought six dishes for $246.40 this morning at 11am. I paid $96/- for two of them. The pound of crab meat, which was suspected to be dead, was discolored and weak. I was very disappointed. This was the first time a friend introduced me to this situation. I will not dare to come here again in the future. , and the kale flowers are not fresh either. I hope the restaurant will adopt a fair business attitude so that consumers can be protected.
Saurabh DeSaurabh De
09:30 01 Nov 23
Kenneth ChewKenneth Chew
09:28 29 Oct 23
Tuck Fang LimTuck Fang Lim
14:43 24 Oct 23
Decent food at decent price, altho only zhi char and one indian /prata stall there.
Shirley KongShirley Kong
01:26 21 Oct 23
Is always my family favorite place ! Food is never disappointed ! Though is just a eating house bit the service is good ! The boss, Ah Siong and the crew are always attentive. Valued for money fir good food ! Highly recommended ❤️
Chris SGChris SG
10:31 16 Oct 23
Superb food done so well and taste so nice. Service is fast and portions served are big too!! 10/10.The milk pork ribs can give you sugar high on the first bite ; it's coated with milk powder and sugar ?! ☠️ But so so good.
Jasmine YeoJasmine Yeo
02:36 14 Oct 23
I rarely take pics of food before I eat it, much less AFTER. $7 for this terrible salted egg rice dish. I had a bite, took this picture, and promptly left. The fried chicken pieces were extremely salty, and the supposedly salted egg sauce was lacking in taste. It felt as if no effort or pride was taken to cook this dish. Will not return again.
Alan SeowtlAlan Seowtl
13:08 11 Oct 23
sanzo 71sanzo 71
17:02 06 Oct 23
Good food, fast service. Be prepare to queue a bit during dinner time.Didn’t knew milk powder and pork ribs is such a great combo!
05:09 04 Oct 23
I only tried the indian store; it was nothing to write home about. This food court gets pretty hot in the day
Jerome LimJerome Lim
14:32 30 Sep 23
the boss served us and placed the order with the chef, we ordered $12 Kang kong , honey ribs, chicken kong bao, signature tofu and meat, and deep fry yamthe boss left, and each dish was placed on the table . Most likely, the tofu was heated up by the microwave and slightly cold in the middle. out came my disappointment, the sambal Kang kong , the sambal Kang kong has only a few leave but heaps of stems. I told the auntie who was serving to see the plate, and she did not say anything. so I ordered a salt fish with bran sprout since there are no leafy vegetables.well, maybe the boss is not around, or I ordered my food at 8 plus, which the shop might be closing. it is fine. I think it will be the last time to patronize them. just a simple zhi zhar. I should have driven a bit more and eat in bishan coffee shop. this coffee shop has only their two chef stall and drink stall. The auntie server was giving some attitude, too. my bill was 87.60 , and their middle portion of $12 is rather small. so there is no point in order for the middle portion. just the plate is big but portion the same .when I was paying and told them about the sambal Kang kong, the auntie who handled the cashier told me I should have shown her the disappointed Sambal Kang Kong. I told her she should check with the chef who picked the raw ingredients. big joke, right? anyway.
Weng Hoong ChinWeng Hoong Chin
06:19 30 Sep 23
Lian sariLian sari
04:51 30 Sep 23
11:42 28 Sep 23
Novi ChiaNovi Chia
04:10 27 Sep 23
Precious MetalsPrecious Metals
02:07 25 Sep 23
Or ah kim Or ah kimOr ah kim Or ah kim
22:19 24 Sep 23
No manner. And Bad.
Siah HxSiah Hx
07:11 22 Sep 23
Food is generally tasty. Price is reasonable and food portion is reasonable as well.However service is slow, given it is not too crowded when we visited for lunch.Parking is available and HDB parkong rates applies.
10:30 17 Sep 23
Delicious 😋
Meng Hong TanMeng Hong Tan
13:52 12 Sep 23
The beehoon is unevenly cooked
Men Shiang LohMen Shiang Loh
11:27 11 Sep 23
Great delicious food.. served hot n promptly. Pricing is also just right for the pocket. Will visit again.
janet tanjanet tan
12:54 10 Sep 23
Food is reasonably price & tasty!! Will come by again
Zachary ChinZachary Chin
13:20 04 Sep 23
Best butter pork ribs and great service every time. Super fast too. There is a hao mart beside also
CK LiewCK Liew
10:03 03 Sep 23
Very little kailan for $8, would be more willing to pay $3. Otherwise the other two dishes were fine.
Alex TanAlex Tan
03:00 01 Sep 23
Good taste and reasonable price.
Tan SeanTan Sean
13:24 28 Aug 23
Food was definitely precooked because it arrived 3-5 mins after we ordered. The texture is soso, but the taste was decent especially the milk powder pork ribs.
Rac XljRac Xlj
09:55 29 Jun 23
Went around 6-ish pm & was quite crowded but managed to find a table. We ordered a few dishes to try & food was served quite quickly probably 5mins later.There were all very delicious. The staff recommended steam fish with cai po & yes it's very good except that the cai po on the fish is a little too oily. The staff came to ask if food was good & I told him about the oily cai po, he brought over more cai po which wasn't oily. Very warm, friendly & customer focused. Deserved a 5*.Will definitely be back to try other signature dishes on the menu.
Winnie NgWinnie Ng
14:32 18 Jun 23
Service was great and Ah Hua in particular was amazing!Butter pork ribs is worth the hype. Har cheong gai and golden mushroom beancurd was super tasty. Drunken cockle was well marinated and tasted super fresh, they were huge as well.Pepper crab was cheap at $48, while not the best I think it is worth the money.Overall would definitely return! I made a reservation for 7.30pm on father’s day and there was no wait time. Also noticed the crowd thins out at 7.45/8pm so if it’s a busy night, go at that time to easily get a table.
07:09 09 May 23
Is a kopitiam so don't expect it to be fancy but I was in awe of their Industrial fan. OMG it was not hot eating there. They have multiple big tables fit for groups of 10. Loving it.Their service was super fast (disclaimer we went at 530pm on a Sat evening)We ordered about 10 dishes and it came out to $172. Super adorable for a family.Food was generally tasty. They have some new creation but not all are fantastic. they just trying different food.The only downside is the drink stall only accept cash so do bring some cash hor.
Elna TanElna Tan
00:43 08 Apr 23
Best dish of the 5 we ordered was crispy pork floss prawns - crispy and succulent prawns with a drizzle of sweet Mayo & prawn floss . Very petite cockles in a take away container of Chinese style vinaigrette marinate. No reservation needed on the eve of Good Friday - very clean coffee shop and food was served very fast!

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